- Retrieving recent entries works again in Blogger.- New method to create hyperlinks in blog entries with del.icio.us support (10.3 only).
Changes in 1.0.5:
- Fixed a bug that could wreak havoc on the Weblogs toolbar button menu if the toolbar was in Text-only mode.
- Improved encoding of html-entities.
- Added a few workarounds for WordPress support. It is best to use metaWeblog API with WordPress. You can try using MovableType API, but I found a few bugs in WordPress that prevents posting items properly. The WordPress developers are working on fixing their XML-RPC code.
- The process of sending pings to sites should now be more robust.
- Fixed issue with HTML preview in 10.2 version (still highly recommend upgrading to 10.3).
- Fixed issue with iPhoto import not working with non-English systems.
Note that you must set "Show last x rolls" in the iPhoto preferences.
- Several other fixes.

 del.icio.usのSocial bookmarks managerを試してみたけど、少し読み込みが重くてまだピンと来ない…

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